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Smuggle vegetables into your kids!
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    Do you think childhood and adulthood are crashing together in a pretty weird way? I do! So I'm savouring childhood with a soothing, comfort food - chicken & vegie pasta.

    wendyblumePokemon cards still reign at VSHQ.My kids both adore this dinner.wendyblumePokemon cards still reign at VSHQ.My kids both adore this dinner.

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    Budget cooking doesn't have to be, well, budget. In fact it can be pretty posh. Here I'm feeding a family of 6 for about $16.50.


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  • 10/13/14--04:22: Meat-lover’s pasta bake
  • If you’re vegetarian, skip this post and just click here for a vegetarian pasta bake recipe. Everyone else can stick around to enjoy this carnivorous dinner which feeds an army and keeps pasta-loving kids extremely happy. The secret ingredient in this dish is… pate…. yes that’s right, chicken livers. I kid you not, a dollop […]

    wendyblumeOne for the carbivore/carnivoreswendyblumeOne for the carbivore/carnivores

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    It's a meal that can be made ahead, has five vegies, can be gluten-free, suits toddlers, freezes well, is affordable and simple to make. This might just be the best family dinner ever!

    vegie-smugglers-pasta-mincewendyblumeSelf-effacing food.This recipe is from my Kitchen Collection cookbook!vegie-smugglers-pasta-mincewendyblumeSelf-effacing food.This recipe is from my Kitchen Collection cookbook!

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    Is there anything more heart-breaking than the pained tears of a young child experiencing an existential crisis? You know, that moment when it first occurs to them that one day THEY ARE GOING TO DIE. And that their mummy and daddy will pootle off too, most likely before them. And even sooner, it’s likely that […]

    vegie-smugglers-vegetarian-cannelloniwendyblumeSooth the heaviest of souls with this meal full of love.freeshippingvegie-smugglers-vegetarian-cannelloniwendyblumeSooth the heaviest of souls with this meal full of love.freeshipping

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    For some reason I’ve had ‘Gangsta’s Paradise‘ stuck in my head all week. And boy, doesn’t accidentally singing that out loud in Woolies make you look cool! Especially when you’re a white Australian woman on the elegant side of 40. SO authentic – I mean, the things I know about livin’ in da hood! Possibly […]

    vegie-smugglers-macaroni-4-cheese-bakewendyblumevegie smugglers four cheese macaroni cheese pasta bakebuy-1-get-1-freevegie-smugglers-macaroni-4-cheese-bakewendyblumevegie smugglers four cheese macaroni cheese pasta bakebuy-1-get-1-free

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    Every now and then I post a perfect recipe… I know, I’m blowing smoke up my own arse (a favourite phrase of mine that I’ve just discovered derives from the 1700s when doctors did actually blow smoke up people’s arses)… but if there’s one recipe that should really be in your repertoire then I’m pretty […]


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    Walnuts are generally considered to be a pretty fantastic nutritional addition to the modern diet (unless, you know, you’re like anaphylactically allergic to them, in which case they’re a deady-bones type addition and worth avoiding). They’re full of awesome quantities of most stuff that’s good for you including omega 3 fatty acids and a range […]

    vegie-smugglers-walnut-broccoli-zucchini-pastawendyblumeHerbs and capers 'adult' this dish up to schmancy levels.Ohh! It's called vegie-smugglers-walnut-broccoli-zucchini-pastawendyblumeHerbs and capers 'adult' this dish up to schmancy levels.Ohh! It's called "Kitchen Collection"There's a section on basics, then a chapter for snacks and lunchbox items...Then it's the serious business of DINNER, since that happens tediously often...I've converted a bunch of recipes so that there's oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker instructions...Next chapter is full of ways to feed friends and family....And I finish off with celebrations with recipes for all kinds of dietary needs.

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    So we’re about to smack straight into the celebration season. Possibly you’re like me, with a list of weekends ahead that hold the promise of bubbles, nurofen and oodles of food. Whether you’re hosting or being a guest, there’s no better way to get into the party vibe than with food that looks a bit […]

    vegie-smugglers-fregola-saladwendyblumeColourful, festive, impressive AND super tasty.Asian noodle saladPumpkin & haloumi salad.vegie smugglers panzanella10%off-textvegie-smugglers-fregola-saladwendyblumeColourful, festive, impressive AND super tasty.Asian noodle saladPumpkin & haloumi salad.vegie smugglers panzanella10%off-text

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    Regardless of how busy a family is, the annoying truth remains that people want to be fed, every day. So while term 1 ended up being kind of crazy at VSHQ, recipes were made and food was scoffed. The plan was to take lovely proper photos of these recipes before I posted them, but along with […]